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Iodine Is The Essential

January 28, 2013
Micro-Nutrient Needed For Every Cell In The Body! Iodine Deficiency
Every cell in the human body needs sufficient iodine. In particular, hormones require this essential mineral and it’s necessary
to maintain healthy hormonal balance.
If you feel fatigued, an imbalance in the thyroid
gland is the key underlying factor in most cases.
Iodine deficiency is the main cause of the thyroid problems. The thyroid gland contains the
highest concentration of iodine, more than
any other organ in the body. Thyroid hormone
production would simply not exist without
sufficient amounts of essential Iodine..
Due to dietary deficiency, Iodine levels have fallen by 50 percent in the United States. Consequently, during the same period, there’s been an epidemic increase of
several thyroid disorders.  These illnesses
are directly related to iodine deficiency,
Graves disease
This article is for informational and educational

purposes only;  It is not intended to provide
medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Consult your doctor or healthcare professional.